About Hannah

2EE6D8A6-DA25-4DD7-8AEE-6117503969A2Hannah Huber is a 24-year-old mycophile self-designing her graduate program at Antioch University New England in Applied Mycology and Ecological Restoration (through the Interdisciplinary Master of Arts program). She completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2014 at Paul Smith’s College in biology and environmental science, with a minor in chemistry, and while there met her first mycology mentor, mushroom dye artist Susan Hopkins. Originally from Michigan, Hannah began her mushroom education in the 90’s hunting for morels with her father as a toddler. Hannah believes in the intelligence of fungi to lend a “helping hypha.”

Hannah is also currently working with Mycoevolve as their research technician for an EPSCoR-funded project, Mycoremediation Strategies for Watershed Restoration.

Favorite mushroom(s): Gyroporus cyanescens (cornflower bolete), Pycnoporus cinnabarinus (cinnabar red polypore), and Scutellinia scutellata (eyelash fungus). Or, as Gary Lincoff used to say, “the one right in front of me.”

Follow her adventures (mushrooms and more) on Instagram: @hannahshyphae