Hello there!

Looks like you’ve stumbled upon my mushroom blog while foraging the internet! If you found my blog luminescing in the dark, I’d like to give you a friendly reminder to respect your melatonin production and maybe wait to check this out tomorrow ;).

This blog is still in vitro, taking shape, myceliating. I appreciate your patience as I key out the layout and formatting, and inoculate this blog with more posts (see Applied Mycology Notes).

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Upcoming events:

  • Sunday, September 16, 2018, I’ll be co-leading a mushroom walk & talk for beginners and intermediates with Rowan Cignoni of Burlington Permaculture
  • Fall 2018, get an applied mycology education at Paul Smith’s College! Learn more at paulsmiths.edu/mycology. I’ll be co-teaching Intro to Art & Science of Mycology at Paul Smith’s College, and Mycomedicinals for Holistic Health will also be offered. These are hybrid online & in-person courses, designed for traditional students as well as those who are not.